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[expand title=”How do I set up my files for large-format digital graphics?”]In order to ensure the best possible reproduction of your image, proper file set-up is crucial. Download this PDF for instruction.[/expand] [expand title=”Any tips on exhibit marketing and improving our booth staffer performance?”]We can provide you with a comprehensive exhibit marketing manual and are available to do on-site seminars as well. You can also click here to download tips on improving booth staffer performance.[/expand] [expand title=”Any tips on Exhibit and Graphics Design?”]Click here for a brief summary and call your Renze Display representative if you would like further design assistance.[/expand] [expand title=”Any advice on budgeting for trade shows?”]Detailed information can be found in our exhibit marketing manual, but you can click here for a summary.[/expand] [expand title=”What are the rules regarding booth spaces at US shows?”]Click here for a comprehensive set of guidelines from the International Association for Exhibition Management.[/expand] [expand title=”Do you buy used exhibits?”]Depending on the style, size and age of your exhibit, we may take it in on trade towards the purchase of a new exhibit, attempt to sell it for you with our consignment program (click here for details) or purchase it outright — please call your Renze Display representative for details.[/expand] [expand title=”What’s the best way to get the design process started for a new exhibit?”]Great question! Please download this PDF for instruction.[/expand] [expand title=”Is there anything you guys DON’T do??!!”]We realize that it seems like we do it all, but, yes…there are some things we don’t do! Fortunately for you, however, if we don’t do it, we probably know who does! Just give us a call and we’ll help you find out![/expand]


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